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Magners Secret Cider Garden is a music roadshow across the UK for Magners to position themselves in the minds of a younger age demographic, igniting excitement surrounding their new visual brand identity. These events were to focus on broadening the target market while avoiding pushing out loyal customers. ​Growing from the Magners Secret Orchard from the year previous, the 2023 roadshow was to showcase their new message "Gardens. Best Served with Magners”.

With the success of 2022’s 'Magners Secret Orchard', Magners focus was on the acquisition of younger consumers & to move away from the idea that their brand is a "stagnant older male cider". In 2023, Magners launched their new campaign ‘Gardens. Best Served with Magners’. We pivoted the roadshow to, ‘Magners Secret Cider Garden’, a magical place where friends can spend time together, engage in discovery and truly enjoy a moment "from our garden to yours". ​​

Magners Secret Cider Garden is a series of music events across 3 trade accounts in the UK, with the finale event in OldBillingsgate, London. Supporting local artists is one of the key aims of the campaign. These events and acts will be promoted with a full 360 campaign with support from social media channels and media platforms. ​Each event had one main act and one local supporting act as part of the evening event.

Their budget was approx. £500,000.

Magners ‘SecretCider Garden’ is a live music roadshow across 4 venues in the UK, showcasing local talent in each of four cities, as follows:

·     Manchester – The Royston Club & Karen Harding

·     Birmingham – Pixey & Charlotte Plank

·     ​Edinburgh – Beth Millar & Nina Nesbitt

·     London – Ben McKelvey, Tinea Taylor & Scouting for Girls

This was a free event, which was launched on the microsite we created ( ), where people could register for tickets and find out the latest ‘secret artist’.

This year, Magners partnered with the charity ‘The Bee Friendly Trust’, due to the importance of the bee to produce Magners. The Bee Friendly Trust creates habitats where bees, pollinators and wildlife can thrive.​ Throughout each event, we had various touch points which allowed guests to donate to the charity.

The touch points included:​

·      QR Codes dotted around the venues that linked to the 'Just Giving ' page dedicated to the charity.

·      The Secret Serves Bar offered cocktails to guests for £5 and all proceeds went to the charity.

·      Bespoke 'Magners Bees Knees' cocktail created ​

·      Guests also had the opportunity to donate when they registered for their tickets through Eventbrite.

The ‘Secret ServeShed’ bar in each venue enabled consumers to try product variants and cider cocktails, as well as donate money to The Bee Friendly Trust with each purchase of the custom cocktails.

There was a modular kit created in 2022 for the Magners Secret Orchard Roadshow. For sustainability, these builds were amended to fit in with the new direction of their branding. Each of these pieces was brought and fitted into each venue.With this modular kit we were able to adapt to the different styles and requirements of each space – using some key elements.

Builds included:

·      Entrance Arch​

·      Main Stage Pergola ​

·      Foliage Walls​

·      Photo Ops ​

·      Bar Branding Panels​

·      Live Mural Benches​

·      Spin the Wheel Game​

·      Custom Secret Serves Garden Shed 

At every event, we had live interactive experiences for guests to enjoy​.​ This allowed guests to engage with the brand in multiple ways encompassing the 5 senses:​

·     The Secret Serves Garden Shed​

·     Spin to Win Wheel​​

·     Live Bench Mural Artists ​​

·     Magners Bars​

·     Live Music​

With a total attendance of over 1680 across the four events and reviews showed these events were well received. Magners commended our meticulous management of every aspect, emphasising the creation of an adaptable brand experience and a reusable production kit, enhancing future activations more cost-effectively and sustainably.

-The Magners Secret Cider Garden website attracted over 5000 visitors, indicating a significant level of interest and engagement with the event.

-Close to 3500 tickets were purchased for the event, demonstrating strong demand and indicating a high level of participation.-Compared to the events held in 2022, attendance this year experienced a remarkable 90% increase, suggesting a growing popularity and appeal of the event.

-Across the four events, a total of 6720 pints of Magners cider were served, reflecting the scale and consumption of the beverage among attendees.

-Through strategic donation points integrated throughout the events, the collective efforts resulted in over £1600 being raised for The Bee Friendly Trust, showcasing the community's support for charitable causes.

The campaign received overwhelmingly positive responses: - 96% expressed an intention to return to the Magners Secret Cider Garden event.

- 81% indicated an increased likelihood of purchasing Magners Draught following the event. Attendees bestowed an impressive overall event rating of 4.59 stars out of 5. This positive feedback signifies not only the event's immediate impact but also the potential for long-term brand loyalty and customer engagement.

“Magners Secret Cider Garden made a comeback in 2023 with a series of successful events across the UK. Designed to re-energise Magners, the events showcased new cocktails while highlighting a partnership with the Bee Friendly Trust. Attendees were immersed in carefully crafted garden settings, merging nature with refreshment, and celebrating our new campaign, “Gardens. Best Served with Magners”. We had our hero event in London, with an excellent location overlooking London Bridge and the Thames. We had food trucks who created a special menu around Magners Cider, the amazing Scouting for Girls and live graffiti artists. It was a night to remember!”

Holly Fraser – Magners Brand Manager

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