Pink Lady

Pink Lady – Tractor Racing Game


In light of the COVID19 pandemic, Ireland’s National Ploughing Championship were put on hold. This prevented Pink Lady from showcasing their brand to a large audience. Pink Lady wanted a creative alternative to promote their brand and engage with their audience.

Our response

Here at Neon, this barrier was used as an opportunity to bring the ploughing to the consumer, all from the comfort of their own home. We developed a tractor racing game that was accessible by scanning a QR code on the packaging of Pink Lady apples. Thus, bringing the consumer into the ‘Phygital’ world. Scanning this QR code also enabled the  consumer to enter the competition, adding to the attraction of the consumer engagement.


Successfully launched the Pink Lady digital game, effectively linked to the National Ploughing Championships, easily played across desktop, tablet and mobile. Fun and simple to play with incentives – leaderboard for top scores & data capture for winners. Promoted across social media with click to play link. Promoted in Dunnes Stores across POS and other channels.

  • 300k Stickers
  • 50,000 Trays


  • Site Visitors 3,486
  • Unique Site Visitors 1,394
  • Plays Without Registering Details 10,586
  • Total No. of Plays 19,037 10,586 of which were unregistered
  • 804 unregistered users,
  • 590 registered users. 42.32% of users registered when playing the game to try & win prizes

The average play per user was 13

Total QR code scans: 437

Client Testimonial

We love seeing our Pink Lady customers enjoying their interaction with us! The positive comments and feedback were warming to receive. People were so engaged with the game, they were playing it daily! Really appreciative of being present with consumers when it wasn’t possible to be with them physically.

Representative from Pink Lady

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