The Sustainability Summit



It is vital that contemporary business' do their part for the environment and maintain sustainable practices in the workplace. The Sustainability Submit came to us with the challenge of curating an online event that would portray this message of contributing to a more sustainable planet through inspirational talks from established industry professionals. We wanted this event to showcase that sustainable businesses are the future.

Our Response

With SX21, we curated an online broadcast event that brought together some of the greatest minds, industry champions, start-ups, investors, public sector officials and NGOs in an effort to collaborate, share, learn and create for the long term benefit of society, purpose and planet.

We created an event that would help re-imagine the future across all sectors, from Technology and Fashion to Finance & Healthcare, Business to Travel & Tourism & more.

Execution .

We worked with some of the world's leading companies who are dedicated to building a sustainable future for our planet and global economy over the 3 day event. The event was broadcasted entirely on Facebook & Instagram, and tickets were sold on Eventbrite.

As part of SX21, we also launched an exciting, artist driven charity initiative to champion the sustainable agenda. We collaborated with 21 artists and photographers from across the world to raise vital funds for our three chosen Not-For-Profit partners (FoodCloud,  Trees, Water & People and 1% For the Planet). 21 pieces of visual art of the earth and mother nature were created with an eco-conscious framework. The works ranged across multi-disciplinaries from painting, printmaking, drawing and photography, and were auctioned online.


This was an event that Neon Agency were truly proud of being involved with. The event reflected and promoted the overall ethos of what the clients were looking to curate. Together we showed that it is possible for business' to succeed in harmony with nature, society and our planet.

Over 50+ speakers across 3 days and nearly 1,000 delegates

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