Bulmers @ Taste of Dublin 2022


With two of Bulmers key focuses for 2022 being the growth of their cider on draught and sustainability in all areas of their brand, we knew as soon as the brief ,to build a Bulmers bar at Taste of Dublin 2022, came in we wanted to keep it in line with the same plan we created for the Body & Soul festival build. Reuse, repurpose and improve. With Taste of Dublin providing a small area to build with we knew that every inch counted when it came to the design and build.

Our response

With Sustainability being one of the key focuses we made a plan to repurpose and improve some materials that Bulmers had previously used in builds in the past and give them a new purpose as the façade of the bar at Taste.


The build for this event, although quite small compared to a lot of what we were doing with Bulmers at the time, turned out to be the look and feel that the client went back to for all builds after this.

Client Testimonial

“Neon did an excellent job bringing the Bulmers brand to life from concept to execution at Taste in 2022. The bespoke, feature bar looked amazing and Neon’s smart thinking and approach ensured this was something we could reuse again.”

Roisin Field, Marketing Manager Bulmers Ireland

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